Wakesurf Shaper
2016 Radar Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper

We know what your thinking.  Velcro a surf shaper to the side of my boat?  That will never work!  It does work, and it has worked great on every boat we have tested it with!  If you love your boat, but you don’t have surf tabs the Ronix Wakesurf Shaper is your ticket to clean crisp surf waves!

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2016 Liquid Force Rocket

“A BOARD FOR THE CREW LOOKING TO STEP UP THEIR SURF GAME!” As the name says, this is a Rocket of a wakesurfer! Built with the same durable compression molded construction as the Fish but a little bit faster and … Continued

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2016 Liquid Force TC Skim

”A TRULY PLAYFUL SKIM DESIGN!” Olympian Tommy Czeschin grew up riding his snowboard in the park and half pipe and now spends his time wakesurfing on Crowley Lake, outside of Mammoth. When he’s looking for the ultimate in skim style … Continued

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2016 Liquid Force Primo

“A BULLETPROOF AND ULTRA-LIGHT SURF SKIM DYNAMO!” Looking for a lighter, more versatile version of his popular TC Skim, Tommy worked with us this season to create his newest surf skim dynamo, the PRIMO. The vacuum formed outer skin construction … Continued

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2016 Liquid Force Machine

“A HIGH PERFORMANCE, VERSATILE SURF MACHINE!” Race down the line with ease on this MACHINE! With a double wing squaretail shape, The MACHINE is able to project and pivot on a dime giving you one very playful surfer. 3 sets … Continued

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2016 Liquid Force Dart

“A FAST, HIGH PERFORMANCE SURF TOOL WITH ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR FUN!” When trying to describe Shawn Watson’s new surfboard, the DART, one word comes to mind… FAST!   Unlike some other boards that the rider needs to constantly put in … Continued

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2016 Ronix Hex Shell Blender

The Hex Shell Blender is a fun, fast ride to add to your quiver.  If you have ridden Ronix Wakesurfers in the past you need to check out the Blender.  This is the crispest, cleanest rail that Ronix has done on a wakesurfer.

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2016 Ronix Koal Classic

KOAL CLASSIC The foundation for how a high end surfer should be made. Every Koal cCassic is made by machining a core for the most precision shape and rockerline, then hand wrapping it in a fiberglass shell, and finally vacuum … Continued

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2016 Koal Classic Longboard

Similar laid back feel to our previous Duke longboard shape, but scaled down in length taking up less room in your boat. A new, no hurry, relaxed, toes on the nose surfer that should be coming with some 25 SPF … Continued

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2016 Ronix Koal w/ Technora Women’s

KOAL W/TECHNORA New for this year, we added the response of Technora – this laminate creates a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend of our standard surfer layup, along with a new lively material bridging … Continued

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2016 Ronix Honeycomb Powertail

HONEYCOMB CONSTRUCTION We have messed around with different foams and fibers since we made the first compression molded surfer – but nothing before has had the energy or the feel on the water of this new Honeycomb concoction. If you … Continued

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2016 Ronix Koal w/ Technora Thruster

Whether you are looking for more drive up the face of the wake, or added glide as you learn to ride without a rope – this is the fastest and hardest charging line of boards we have created in our … Continued

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