Want to boost big airs? Look for the big blunted nose and tail of boards like the Ronix Power Tail. The massive surface area in the tail of this style of board creates lift giving you excellent push down the face of the wave and ollie pop off the lip. The blunted nose gives you stability and control when riding away air reverses. Power tail boards represent the most contemporary shapes in wakesurfing. This style of board rides well for a variety of styles, but excels for advanced riders.

2016 Ronix Hex Shell Blender

The Hex Shell Blender is a fun, fast ride to add to your quiver.  If you have ridden Ronix Wakesurfers in the past you need to check out the Blender.  This is the crispest, cleanest rail that Ronix has done on a wakesurfer.

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2016 Ronix Honeycomb Powertail

HONEYCOMB CONSTRUCTION We have messed around with different foams and fibers since we made the first compression molded surfer – but nothing before has had the energy or the feel on the water of this new Honeycomb concoction. If you … Continued

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