2017 Ronix Parks Wake Boot – Orange

$479.99 $379.99

The Parks Wake Boot Features the softest Flex rating in Ronix’s line up to give you a secure connection to your board without sacrificing ankle mobility!



A technical, lightweight masterpiece, Parks Bonifay’s signature model set the archetype for
space aged boot construction. Asymmetric low cut support allows for unlimited mobility
over your board. Both behind the boat and at the park, some riders want to exaggerate their
tricks and want a more freestyle oriented boot for the most in side to side freedom without
sacrificing support. Built with our groundbreaking footwear technology – the Brainframe. Our
revolutionary hardware adapts your lower extremities, like no other hardware ever developed.
These come outfitted with our exclusive heat molded custom fit Intuition + liners, so a trip to
your local shop offers you custom tailored boots molded to every aspect of your foot. Welcome
to the future.

Available in sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-14

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•Brainframe Technology
•Heat Welded Upper
•Intuition + Liner
•New Quick Snap Lace Handles
•Rad Foam
•Double Stuff Footbed
•Mag Lock Beams
•Fully Perforated Liner
•Parks Bonifay Pro Model

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The Components of Brain Frame Technology

  • Adapts to the shape of the foot and lower leg. An unfiltered line of communication between rider and board.
  • Secures the foot from the bottom up allowing a more uniform fit and flex in the upper, also adapting to a wider range of widths.
  • Instant energy transfer from the laces into the board inserts, reduces rider fatigue and energy loss.
  • More accurate lasting than traditional boot forming methods. Precision fit by robots.
  • Accentuated heel pocket curvature built in to improve heel lock and expand around the rider’s foot/leg shape.
  • Centers foot over the top of the baseplate. Solid medial/lateral lower foot support for those big landings.
  • Limits distortion in the upper and breakdown over time.
  • Eliminates much of the stitching and lamination processes needed for traditional boot construction.
  • 3 times more adjustable fore/aft.
  • Die cast parts ensure a solid connection between the boot assembly and the bolts in the board.
  • Plate is allowed to be much more rigid because no stitching is required, which enables us to inject much harder/stiffer material. Deflection of plate is reduced 60% over traditional boots in the heel/toe direction.
  • More lateral flex across the base, allowing the board to flex naturally across the foot from side to side.
  • Performance and colorway can be modified.
  • 13% more baseless footbed surface than our original design. More foam surface, more contact, more feel.
  • New Automotive grade magnesium cast to an exacting specification. Cuts the weight of our aluminum parts by a third.
  • Easier assembly from tightly toleranced parts.
  • Create more heel and toe response with the “U” shaped structure running parallel to the foot.
  • As load increases on the upper, these beams promote more interlock between the skeleton and baseplate.
  • Cambered shape adds pressure to the heel and toe areas, which preloads the plate as it is mounted to the board, ultimately reducing plate flex.
  • Dampens vibration under foot.



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